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We know how much you love your pet. In order to help them live a long, healthy life, regular vaccines are imperative! Call us today to schedule your pet for their annual checkup and vaccines. Kanan Veterinary Hospital administers effective pet vaccinations in Oak Park, CA. Call us at 818-532-7434 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s vaccinations today!

Preventive care is the best way to keep your pet healthy and add years to their lives. Cats and dogs are vulnerable to several highly contagious and dangerous diseases. Fortunately, many of these diseases are preventable with regular dog and cat vaccinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pet Vaccinations Required?

There are two types of vaccinations for pets; core and non-core. The core vaccines are those that are needed and required, regardless of lifestyle, environment, or age. The non-core vaccines aren't required and are recommended depending on their unique needs. We can provide both core and non-core pet vaccinations in Oak Park, CA.

How Often Does My Pet Need Vaccines?

When your pet is just a puppy or kitten, they should begin their vaccination series as early as 6-8 weeks to boost their young immune systems. After this initial series, adult cats and dogs require booster vaccines to maintain immunity. Most pet vaccines are needed once per year; however, a dog rabies vaccine is only needed every three years. At each wellness exam, we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and environment to ensure they are getting everything they need to stay healthy.

How Do Cat and Dog Vaccines Work?

Pet vaccines are very much like human vaccines. They were developed to prepare the immune system to fight disease. Vaccines contain antigens that appear like disease-causing organisms to the immune system. This causes the immune system to be mildly stimulated without actually causing the disease. If your pet is exposed to the real disease, the immune system will recognize it and fight it off or significantly reduce the severity.

Are There Risks From Cat and Dog Vaccines?

No medication has zero risks, but the benefits of pet vaccines far outweigh the minimal risks. Pet vaccinations do an amazing job of protecting animals against dangerous diseases including rabies. Pet vaccinations can also protect us! While approximately 59,000 people die every year from rabies worldwide, only one or two deaths occur in the US (according to the WHO), where laws require pet vaccines. The most likely complications from pet vaccines include tissue swelling at the injection site, mild signs of illness like fever and soreness, and allergic reactions.

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