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When your pet needs an X-ray, we know that you want the safest option. We agree! We also want X-rays that make it easiest to diagnose issues for your pet. Here at Kanan Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art digital radiography.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital X-Ray?

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are very short bursts of X-rays that create images of the inside of your pet’s body. Digital radiography captures these images without the use of film.

Are X-Rays Painful or Harmful for My Pet?

No, X-rays are painless for your pet. In many cases, we don’t even need even sedate them. With the recent developments in digital X-ray technology, this procedure is extremely safe for your pet. Digital X-rays expose your pet to a very small dose of radiation that is considered harmless.

What Can an  X-Ray Be Used to Diagnose?

An X-ray can be used to help us assess or diagnose a variety of issues. We may recommend taking an X-ray for one of the following:

  • To assess your pet's dental health including teeth and jawbones
  • To check for bone fractures or injuries related to trauma
  • To look for an ingested foreign object
  • To find or rule out tumors

What Treatments are X-Rays Usually Used To Monitor?

In addition to using X-rays to diagnose issues, they can also be used to monitor a variety of issues including pneumonia, heart conditions, and cancer.

What are the Benefits of Digital X-Rays

  • Digital X-rays have better image quality than traditional film.
  • Digital images are taken faster than traditional X-rays.
  • Digital X-rays give us less radiation than traditional X-rays.
  • We have instant access to the images.
  • Images can easily be sent to a specialist.
  • Digital X-rays are more environmentally friendly. 

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Our team at Kanan Veterinary Hospital understands that the thought of your pet needing an X-ray can be concerning. Please rest assured that, with us, your fur baby is in good hands. Our team is pleased to help with any questions or concerns you might have about X-rays for your dog or cat in Oak Park. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 818-532-7434 today.

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